Blog post 450 - Happy new year!

This is the 450th time I am blogging this year. Much less than previous years but quite a lot anyway, isn't it?

New years eve, the evening it seems like most people strongly dislike, me included. 
It is the day when we all have to organize something big and special and we must have fun. We put the pressure on ourselves that we must start the new year in a good and festive way and many people just stress out about it.

It has been argumentations in my gang how to and with who to spend new years eve with and there is always people now happy with the decisions. Every year, the same problems, sigh. 

Today I have heard three of my fiends saying "I just want this bloody evening to be over and done" and it feels so sad that so many people feel that way.

I would like to wish you all a nice evening, it might not be the best evening of the year but it doesn't matter. Just bring a smile to whatever dinner, party or event you might attend and I am sure even this evening will end before we even have time to blink. 

Happy New Year my sweet friends, family and blog followers!
I love you all!



  1. you look fabulous! Happy new year

  2. Wow, hittade det här gamla inlägget och du är ju vrålsnygg!! KramC


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