Cosy afternoon with Hana and Stephanie

I hate goodbyes! I hate hate hate them!

A week ago I had to say good bye to one of my best friends since my childhood who moved down to the French alps. I got so sad. 

Yesterday I had to say good bye to Stephanie, my Swiss friend I have been intensively studying with the last couple of weeks. Even if it has been hard studies with lots of stress and pressure we have been having a good time together and I feel so sorry she has to go back to Switzerland already.

However, yesterday Stephanie, Hana, her daughter Tiberia and I had a nice and cosy afternoon together. We were supposed to go to Skansen for the Chistmas market but the market wasn't on. Then we (I) planned to go ice skating in Kungsträdgården but when we arrived it was far too cold so instead we took a walk to Gamla stan and ended up at the antic cafeteria Kaffekoppen where we spend the afternoon talking, playing with Tiberia and drinking hot teas. 

In the evening instead I went to my bff Erika for a really nice Taco dinner! Didn´t I say just a couple of days ago on this blog that I was craving for having taco dinner with someone and here we go, Erika fixed a very delicious dinner for the two of us. Very cosy evening. 

On the way home I though... what would my life be without my amazing friends? Nothing I guess.


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