Diary from Milan

I "heart" Milano! I really do!
Like most of you already know Milano used to be my home until just three months ago. For more than 3,5 years I lived and worked in Milan and Italian was my everyday language. 

Now I have been back living in Stockholm since September and I can admit it felt strange to travel back down to Milan, walking on my old streets and meeting my amazing Italian friends. 

Following will be my diary from my four days in my second (third?) home town Milan. 

I arrived on Saturday before lunch, Stefania picked me up at Linate airport and we went straight for lunch at my favorite brunch/lunch place Bianco Latte and like in the old good days I had a "troffie with basil cream and a big and fresh Burrata cheese"  It is so nice! After lunch Stefania and I went shopping christmas presents for ourselves - shoes and clothes :-D

in the evening Stefania joined me for dinner with my ex colleagues and friends Silvia, Ilaria and Valentina at "Mozzarella e Bailico". My girls. So strange now being part of the bang anymore but I am so glad to see the friendship remains even if I nowadays happen to be far away.

 This was the dessert - fried "gnocco fritto with Nutella" Yam yam!

On Sunday for lunch I met up with Anna. She used to be one of my absolute best friends but then we teared a part and I haven't seen her since the beginning of the summer. My hearted jumped twice when we finally met. And the best thing, we just needed a minute or two and the old friendship was back on track. Below you see her lovely mini kittens her cats had a couple of month ago. So sweet. And I got sooo allergic ;-)

On Sunday evening I had pizza out with friends at one of my favorite pizzeria "Pizza OK" and I ate it all! Sweden might have quite ok pizzas but nothing like the ones Pizza OK makes. 

Monday and big missions on the schedule. Went to the bank and finally managed to close the bank account - I hope. It took two hours and cost lots of money, no comments. Italian banks are.... what can I say... different? Well, now I don't have an Italian bank account anymore and therefor I got one problem less in my life ;-)

Afterwards I was supposed to go for lunch in Bollate with my ex colleagues but, surprise surprise, it was a strike and no trains run for four hours. I felt like home. The Italian strikes became part of my routine life when living in Milan and even if they always made me really nervous I couldn't help laughing when I found out about the strike. 

So instead of lunch in Bollate I went for lunch at Rinascente (my other ex-work place) and afterwards I went to see the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Royal Castle - I will write more about it another day.

In the evening I had a really nice dinner with some other of my best friends, Stefano, Matteo, Farbii and Stefania. Matteo booked the place which turned out to be a really nice Italian restraurant called "Il giardino dei segreti".

Tuesday and time for the hairdresser... Is it something in life that always brings me bad luck its the hair dressers. I hate going to the hairdresser, it has become almost like a fobia, and its not like this experience at GLAM Milano changed that. What a nightmare. I asked for something and they did what they wanted/thought was best for me, without asking me first. I asked about thin highlights and a simple cut. I got a shatush (what they call natural highlights?) and they a terrible "advanced" cut that they said would give my hair more volume. I might look happy below looking like a freak, but I didn't know what was coming...

After my horrific hairdresser experience I finally managed to go to Bollate, visit my old office, say hi to most people and go for lunch with what used to be my Nordic accounting team. Oh I miss them so much and I actually even miss my job.

Then I passed my seamstress to fix a dress (much cheaper than in Sweden) before I headed for a Tuesday afternoon tea with a friend. 

---then I went into town to see my sweetheart Daniela.

And, the last evening in Milan, I passed with my sweet friend who used to be my flatmate for 3,5 years, Luisa. We had dinner from Luini and went to the cinema to see Un fantastico via vai, a new Italian comedy. 

This is who moved into my room when I moved out, Gido. Such funny and sweet dog!
Love from Milan before leaving...

So today I left and with me I brought 46 kg of luggage, that is more than my own weight but in some kind of way I manage to get it with me all the way home.
Airport shopping :-D
Airport lunch :-D
15.00 and the sun over Sweden is already on his way down. Good night!

Great days with lots of emotions and happiness. I feel so fortunate having found that many amazing friends during my years in Milan that still are there waiting for me to visit. 

As unlucky I am with the hairdressers in my life, as lucky I am having so many adorable friends world wide"



  1. Hi! That's very nice of you to share this, thank you. I'm going to visit Milan next month. Could you tell me how to get from the airport to the city. I know I can catch a car at hte airport, but they're asking whole kingdom for their services. Do you hear something about http://kiwitaxi.com/Italy/Milan? My friend adviced me to call them first. Are they ok?

    1. I am sorry Margaret, I have never heard of them. Which airport are you landing at? If it is Linate you easily take the normal bus into the city centre. If it is Malpensa I would take the suffle bus.

  2. Thank you for sharing, i am heading to Milan soon and your blog was just interesting company with great photos.

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