Get the Christmas shopping started

I am back in Stockholm after 4 very busy and great fun days in Milano and many have asked me how I feel...

It did give me some strange but also great feelings being back in Milan surrounded by my amazing friends down there. A part of me will always belong to Milan but I can confess I felt great when arriving at Arlanda, the airport here in Stockholm. I do feel at home here. In Stockholm things works as I want them to work. People in Stockholm (most of them) rationalize more and less like I do. Swedish people might be seen as cold and closed minded but they are educated.

Stockholm is the place where I, at the moment, feel I belong. 

Yesterday I started off my Christmas shopping. My mum, Stella and I went to town and started planning, looking for and buying presents. I hate Christmas shopping! Normally I start planning and buying my Christmas presents in October/November when I normally do my yearly London-trip but this year I didn't manage to go and therefor I haven't started my Christmas shopping until now. Far to late. I guess I gonna pass some stressful days to get all the presents bought and done before Tuesday... 

Above you see my mum and Stella having a well needed shopping break enjoying a massive raspberry cheesecake-muffin with ice-cream. No-one's on a diet during Christmas, right? ;-)


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