Jingle bells, jingle bells

Hurray! Hurray! I passed the auditing exam that I was 99% sure I would fail. It means that I have passed all the exams I have done this semester. I kind of feel proud of myself!

Yesterday was one of those kind of lazy days. Or maybe I shouldn't say it was lazy as I started it off by going to the gym doing one hour of "shape" group training which is the hardest class I attend. It is a high intensive mix of pumping and burning and people walk out of there close to dead.

A part from that my day was lazy. After the gym I had a long lunch while reading a book. Then I met up with Erika for a looong coffee break at Espresso house. My sweetheart Erika is today leaving for her long and amazing honeymoon trip and I won't see her for very long. Sigh. But I do wish her and Jens a fun and relaxing trip. 

I spent the evening with my mum. We went to town to by a fake (plastic) Christmas tree, carried it home, put it all together and decorated it. A long and a bit annoying job that had to be done but at least the result was good. 

The picture below was our participation in the nation wide #kramaenkompis campaign. Sweet heh? :-) 


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