Love actually and X-factor UK final 2013

Love Actually is one of my favorite movies and The movie I just have to watch every year around Christmas. It is such sweet and romantic movie that gives the ultimate Christmas spirit.
Yesterday Cicci and I decided to have a cosy night in so we first watched Love actually and then went on to see the X Factor UK final 2013. I have "kind of" been following the X Factor UK the whole season having my same two favorites from day 1; Tamara Foster and Nicholas Mcdonald - two pure singers. The Swedish Idol didn't have a single voice even close to theirs...

However Tamara was voted out a couple of weeks ago while Nicholas ended up on the second place and sang the amazing "flying without wings" together with Shane from Westlife in the final. (see the second video below).

The winner of the X Factor UK was Sam Bailey who I can admit got an adorable voice but I am not convinced about her star factor. In Sweden a charming star without voice won the Idol while in UK an amazing voice but with less charm won :-)

The winner song!


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