New years glittery aerobic event

2013 har been a good training year, really good. 

I started off the year with four busy weeks at Virgin active fitness village. Esthetically it was by far the most amazing gym I have ever seen. I learned a lot, tried new things and spent hours in the adorable spa. 

This summer instead I went one month at Audace gym in Milan. That was very high tech with great and well developed fitness classes.  

Since September I work out regularly at SATS in Stockholm. SATS offers 74 different kind of group training classes daily across their gyms around Stockholm. I try to train varied but sometimes it is hard as there are some classes I just love and others I am slightly less interested in. 

To end my great training year today I attended an almost two hour long glittery aerobics event with the great dance instructor Ari Lipponen at SATS Odenplan. Ari is by far the most popular dancing instructor at SATS and all dancing girls at the gym talks about his classes so I start to wonder why I haven't tried them before? However today I was lucky to one one of hounded to get a place at his new years aerobic event. It was almost two hours of new years disco dancing, great fun! 

Happy new year SATS and thanks for four amazing months of sweat, pain and happiness :-) 


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