SATS body pump 87 vs 88

The body pump classes at SATS are weight training set up by LesMills and the same program will run for three months. I started training at SATS in September when they just changed to the Body pump 87 choreography. I felt in love with it and learned every single movement by heart. Then, a couple of weeks ago all SATS changed to body pump 88 and I got so disappointed. But now slowly I start to get used to the new class which I actually should like more than the previous one. 

Every muscle group is trained throughout a whole song and body pump 87 had two very long and heavy leg songs that I hated. Body pump 88 is more about arms which fits me much better. In three months time I will have great strong triceps :-) 

Now I just got back from the body pump at Globen and even if my knees hurts a bit (as usual) my body feels great. Now I am off for a Christmas lunch so I better rush.


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