Exercise to feel good or to look good?

Lately it has been some talking among my friends about training, or actually training goals. Do we go to training to feel good or to look good? 

My answer to that question is to feel good. I go to the gym 5-6 times a week only doing fun group training classes without having any specific goals. I just do it because I love it and because it makes me feel good. I do the typical kind of girly training like dancing, zumba, yoga, body balance and some body pump with recidivous low weights which might keep me skinny but does not make me fit at all. In other words, I go training a lot without any visible results of it and I have been kind of criticized about it. 

So, one of my 8(!!) new years resolution is to start training to both feel and look good! My plan is to keep training my fun classes three times a week and then add more result bringing classes twice a week. Today I started with one of those result giving classes, Shape! A kind of funnier military training. It was hard but I managed to fulfill it and got proud of myself.



  1. Cardio is a must if you want to be lean and healthy, but long-distance running or cycling increases levels of hormones that break down muscle tissue. To get stronger while getting leaner, do cardio in short, intense bursts. Go to a moderately steep hill and sprint to the top, then walk back down. When you're ready, sprint again. In your first workout, do only half as many sprints as you think you could. In your next workout, do two more sprints than you did the first time. Continue adding two sprints to your workouts until you can't improve anymore. Then do sets of sprints.

  2. By the way you already look very good which is the reason I follow your entertaining blog. Happy new year sweetheart.

  3. Thanks Steve, happy new year to you too! :-)


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