Some beauty favorites 2013

One of my American readers asked me like a month ago for some beauty tips or favorites now now and here they are. It was a while ago heh? Sorry for the delay! 

I love this night cream. I got it as a present and have used it with great pleasure this whole autumn. Now when it is reaching its end I started to look up where I could buy a new one and the price for it. I shouldn't had done that. The cream cost almost 100euro and I am sorry to say I won't pay that. It is good, but not that good. Then I rather go back using my old favorites from Clinique or Number7. 

I have mentioned this great face peeling from Givenchy before on this blog. It is back in my life and once again it has become an absolute favorite. 

3. Derma Vio Mango body butter
This is just a very simple and cheap body butter I bought at the supermarket but it is lovely. 

Collistar is an Italian cosmetic and make up brand which is really hard to find abroad. I guess no-one sells it in Sweden at all actually. However, I have used this mascara for so long now so even if it is hard to get I will keep getting it and using it. I believe Collistar is really good for its price. 

This product is expensive for being just a simple facial cleanser but I really believe it is worth its price. I have dry skin but I use the mild version of it (not the extra-mild) as it gives me a really fresh and clean sensation before I go to bed. 

I used to use the normal All about eyes from Clinique but then I got the rich version and felt it love with that one too. I can't even say which one is the best, maybe the rich one gets better long-lasting results but the normal one gives an immediate smoother sensation. I would recommend them both, maybe the rich for the night and the normal as a day treatment? 

Oh sometimes I miss working in the beauty industry being surrounded by amazing products. I learned so much during my years working for Givenchy, knowledge I will carry with me my whole life :-)


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