Taco bar and the library

Another long day of studying at the library with Stephanie. The day was long but time just flew away. As a highlight of the day we went for lunch at Taco Bar. I haven't been eating at Taco Bar for ages so I was happy. Now I am craving for having a taco dinner at home with someone, yam yam.

-1 to the big exam and I feel frustrated. The risk for not passing this exam is far to high. I know I have been passing all other exams during my studies even if I have said I wouldn't before taking them. But this is different. 

The exam will consist of only 5 questions and we have 5 hours to answer them. You can image the level of horse 5 questions if you need 5 long hours to answer them. 

We have a grade system from A-F where F stands for failed. Last semester 1 person got an A, 2 people got a B - no C´s or D´s and then it was a equal amount of students getting an E as the ones that failed the exam. I was told this just the other day and my courage just left me. Now I just heard that my study friends won't take the exam tomorrow as they are sure of failing anyway and that doesn't really make me feel stronger or more confident...

So what about me? Well, I will go there tomorrow and give it a try. The worst thing that can happen is that I fail and will have to take the exam again the 23rd of January. 
The exam tomorrow is between 3-9pm! They couldn't have setting worst exam hours, I will be tired when getting there and dead when I get out of there but hey, after that... I will be on Christmas break! Yeeay!! :-)



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