Time to get a life

I cannot say I have been having a boring life since I moved back to Stockholm. I have actually been doing lots of fun things and I have met so many fantastic people, old and new friends. I have enjoyed myself for sure! 

But, during the last two months I have constantly been walking around with a feeling I shouldn't be having fun as I was supposed to be studying. In that way I haven't really been able to appreciate fully the fun moments.

But now finally, I gonna make sure to fully enjoy this one month of holiday. 
I won' stress! And I gonna, for the first time since I moved home, start reading "normal" books. 

The pictures above are from my night out with Cicci last night. We went for wine at Hotellet and just stayed there talking until quite late. No time limits. No rush. Just a nice, fun and relaxing evening celebrating the exam was over for this time.


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