Training habits in Stockholm

More than once I have heard or read that people in Stockholm go exercising on an average 4-5 times a week. If I think of my gang of friends the average is much lower than that and it is Erika, myself and maybe two of my male friends bringing up the numbers. 

I try do to varied training 5 times a week and I think Erika is doing more than that but it seems like the rest struggles to go to the gym even twice a week which made me doubting the high average number they say we have here in Stockholm. But then today, I really wanted to go to the gym. It is the 25th December, in Sweden we all celebrate Christmas the 24th and the 25th is one of those boring days when we do nothing else than eat. I tried to sign up to a group training session at the gym but was surprised when I didn't get a place. It was a queue of more than 150 people before me to get a place. That is crazy. It means that there a lot of training-mad people like me out there in Stockholm. Even if I got disappointed not getting a place in any of the classes today I am proud of my city :-)


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