Vasamuseet and greek dinner

Today started of bad. I was in such bad mood I planned to stay in bed all day. Yea right I would stay in a whole day... but for a while I just hated everything. Not a good start of the 2nd advent Sunday. 

But then Cicci called and begged me to join her and two of the Dutch guys from the party yesterday to the Vasa museum, I don't really know why but I really fancied going so I rushed out and joined them. The Vasa museum is a maritime museum in Stockholm, a very popular tourist attraction. The museum displays the only more an less fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged. I have been there many times as a kid but now it really was many years ago I went. It is fascinating but I believe it is a kind of boring museum to be honest. But I am glad I went anyway.

After the museum visit I rushed to the gym for a really great hour of Body balance! I can walk in to the body balance feeling crap but I always walk out feeling great. Then regardless the terrible cold outside I met up N and we took a long walk down the sea with a hot coffee in our hands. 

For dinner I met up dad for a really nice dinner at Faros greek restaurant


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