Thai square with three of my best friends

It could had been an little so and so evening. I got some worries in my head and sitting home doing nothing wouldn't had helped me feeling better...

So instead I got three of my absolute best friends together for a delicious thai dinner at Thai Squere Milan. Now I have also managed to convince them all that at thai restaurants you should eat the thai-curry-dishes so we all did. Yam yam.

It was also a dinner to celebrate Matteo's birthday that turned 30 the day before - so happy happy bitthday Matteo! :-)



Happy birthday Virgin Citta studi

Happy birthday to my gym, Virgin Fitness Village  - Città Studi. 
The best gym I have ever been to in my whole life, and I have tried loads.

 Today it was party time as it was exactly one year ago the place opened. Virgin instructors from many different fitness villages were all there having shows, pushing the training people a bit extra or just enjoyed the champagne, the cake or the buffet dinner.

I went running for 20 minutes and then joined a masterclass in STEP. That was a bit too tricky for me but quite fun anyway. I watched some of the shows, had a piece of the cake and then I had to rush away to my dinner date I am soon leaving for.

So happy birthday lovely Virgin village. I have had four amazing months here.I have not only been working out very well, but I have also met very well educated people in their areas which I have learned a lot from. And then, not to forget the amazing spa where I spent many lovely relaxed moments in piece. 



Power Balance Yoga

Yesterday night I attended my last power balance yoga class. Just now when I am training hard to become both more flexible and get better balance skills. Too bad.

The yoga pose you see above is called "king dancer" and it is one of my favorites. One of those poses where strength, balance and flexibility has to work hard together to manage make the pose at least half as good as the girl above. This pose is also part of the bikram yoga session so I gonna keep practising it. I want to manage to do it just like the girl :-)



Aqua combat for mind and body

Yesterday was my last aqua combat class. Last time I could kick the as of the water around me. Last time I could get all my anger out in an incredibly funny way.

Now I sounds like a very aggressive person, but I am not. But the aqua combat class has been kind of a therapy for  me. The best motivation I could get was thinking of something bad or a disappointment just before entering the water and then I would be sure to work out very well. Then you get out after an hour not only satisfied of the training you have done but also the relief you feel in your mind.

 Not only my mind will miss the aqua combat class but also my body. All kinds of aqua work out are perfect training forms. For whoever got any kind of injuries anywhere in the body are always in a risk when training normal work out classes but in most kinds of water work outs the risks are minimal.It only straighten your body.



Hayashi sushi with Matteo

Not sure if you remember last time I went to the Hauashi restaurant? Read about it here!

This sushi restaurant is tiny, it got like 6 tables. The sushi quality is really high and they even have some different and very nice kinds of sushi makis. The only problem is that the staff, or actually the one and only woman working with the guests is extremely rude.

Last time we went she was horrible. This time slightly better because we didn't do, say or change anything that could confuse or upset her. But she was still not friendly and I was scared every time Matteo or myself wanted to order something. However, the sushi was, if possible, even better this time than last time! So even if the arrogant staff makes you wanna run away, the food is amazing which balance the whole dinner experience positive. Weird but true.



Latin zumba masterclass

Just got back home from what I think will be my last zumba masterclass. My membership at the amazing Virgin Village is expiring by the end of next week and I won't renew it for the summer month...

Today the zumba masterclass was held my a real little latino girl and I could just dream about being able to move my hips like she does. The whole class was very latino inspired and it was really great fun!

Before the zumba I run for 20 minutes and afterwards I did 30 minutes of real stretching before I jumped into the jacuzzi at the spa just to let my tired muscles relax.

Above you see a small part of todays zumba group and the latino instructor is the pretty girl in the middle. I am happy I got this picture. A true memory from Virgin Village. 
Below instead are mixed pictures of the zumba weekend and the last one is showing the cool bracelets we got before to start rocking the zumba class.

Well, in short words, it was a really god day at the gym today.


Drinks at Deseo

Yesterday was weather-wise one of the worst days of the year. It was continuously raining (but we are quite used to that now) but then the temperatures dropped to 10(!!) degrees. Last year in this same period of the year we were already at the beach, instead this year May have looked like November. I started in almost all day...

In the evening it stopped raining and even if it was freezing cold I went out to meet Anna and two of her girl friends. Four girls, some glasses of sparkling wine and some good food... What else do you need to make a Saturday evening really nice? :)

As today, the last Sunday of May, it is mother's day up in Sweden I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate my fantastic mum on her day!



Great evening at n'ombra del vin

Amazing n'ombra del vin, a place where I spent some of my first really nice evenings when I came to Milan.

It is a cozy, simple but at the same time very trendy wine bar/cellar with quite mixed but fashionable people.

On Thursdays they have live music so yesterday was a good night for me and Anne to go for some nice glasses of wine, some finger food, lots of talking, some dancing and really good fun.



Internations evening at Just Cavalli


The idea was nice... I love attending the Internations events. I rarely manage to go but when I find time I happily go.

Tonight they organized a "dancing aperitivo" at the fancy club Just Cavalli and Stefii and I joined. Just Cavalli is amazing as a club, the food was good, nice people around but too bad it was freezing cold, like 15 degrees and when it suddenly stared to rain Stefii and I gave up. Another evening destroyed by the weather.

I start to wonder if Milan will get any summer this year?



Power balance training and an icecream at Fiordilatte

Remember my mission set up last week to improve my balance ability? I am working on it. And what could be a better way than attending a power balance class. A gym glass which is a mix of yoga and tai chi focusing on straight and balance. It is a really great course. Obviously it is not one of those work out classes where you get out completely sweaty after have been burning 1000 calories but it great for its purpose. I added 10 minutes of quick run as a warm up and felt I had been training well when I left the gym.

Now I only have 10 days left as being a member of the virgin village. Sad.

After the gym I went home for dinner and after that I went out for an icecream with a friend at Gelateria Fiordilatte. See pics above.

Now you think we have got those kinds of amazing warm evening here in Milan but that is not the case. We are having spring weather with mixes of sun and rain almost daily. The temperatures are cold (at least for me) reaching between 18-24 day time and maybe 14 night time. Burrrr.... I wish the summer will arrive soon!



combat training and hockey heros

Eating clean, training mean and real fight for fit, that is me!

Tonight it was time for 'kicking ass' on the aqua combat. I really did that fight for getting one step closer to get fit, got out feeling dead but great. My treat was half an hour at the spa afterwards and then a delicious "blodpudding"-dinner at home. Now it's movie time!

I want to take the opportunity to congratulate Sweden for the big win yesterday - world champions in ice hockey! In Italy ice hockey means nothing, they hardly know what it is, while in Sweden it is I guess (?) the second biggest sport. I am happy and proud being a Swede today!

Below are my mums pictures from Kungstradgarden today where the hockey stars was celebrated by 20 000 fans. I wish I could had been there too!



100 minutes of training and a lovely cinese dinner

Had a great work out at the gym today, really great! For me great means I had a good mix of exercises and I had energy so I could perform well. These are my 100 minutes of training;
- 10 minutes of running
- 45 minutes of Nike Fusion - kind of a total body workout
- 45 minutes of stretching
Felt satisfied when leaving the gym even if I didn't had time to relax in the spa.

After the gym I met up with a friend, took a walk and went for dinner at one of my favorite chinese restaurants, Imperiale. As nice as always. 

My Saturday (yesterday) was a really lazy day, lets call it a relaxing day. My Sunday has been quite hectic instead. Friday was great. In other words, I have had a very nice weekend :)


Bianco Latte-lunch with Matteo

Sunday lunch with Matteo at one of my absolute favorite places here in Milan, Bianco Latte.


Eurovision song contest 2013

In Italy the Eurovision song contest is not popular at all. They show it at Rai 2 but quite few people actually looks at it. Not like in Sweden where I guess everyone I know saw it last night. 

Suddenly I felt very Swedish. I just had to see it! I don't care about semi finals or anything but I really don't want to miss the big Eurovision song contest final so I planned a cozy night in with good food, snacks and drinks. Anna joined and we had really lots of fun watching the show. 

Below are my three favorites. I also liked Norway, Finland and Rumania. 

Denmark - the great winner!

Azerbaijan... we liked him!

Marco Mengoni - Simple, elegant and just great!

That's it for this year! It was fun though! Lots of good songs and shows, fun comments and a cozy night in.



Safe Haven - the movie

Official trailer
I saw the film "Safe Haven" the other day. It is an American romantic drama and I truly enjoyed it. It was romantic, sweet and also a bit scary.

Safe Haven is an adaption of Nicholas Spark's novel with the same name. Do you remember the amazing movies "The horse whisper" and "Dear John"? They were also created out of Nicholas Spark's books so when Safe Haven was released in America in February this year I immediately wanted to see it. Safe Haven was like Dear John directed by the Swedish master film director Lasse Hallström.

Julianne Hough, the main acress in this movie, was great. I don't know who it is actually but she remembered me of my absolute favorite actress Cameron Diaz. They have the same charm or something.



Core Pilates

Went to the gym today really motivated to exercise but at the same time I felt tired so I didn't want to do too much. For example a nike fusion could had killed me in this state...

So instead I did a work out session similar to Tuesday´s one. I warmed up by go running for 10 minutes and then I joined for the first time at Virgin a Core Pilates class. Actually I had never tried a core pilates class at all before so it was all new...

It was nice. It was a 45 minutes pilates class concentrating on the back, the straight postier and the abbs. I felt a bit slow but my abbs were aching when I got out so for sure it was a good work out.

Tomorrow is Friday and a gym free day. Friday already? This week has just rushed away...



A hint of orient

Just got back home from an evening with Stefii, her boyfriend Davide, Stefano and Matteo at Siddharta cafe

I love Italian food, it is my absolute favorite cousin of all but when living in Italy and I am spoiled with eating great Italian food all days I like changes from time to time. So tonight I dragged my friends to the oriental aperitivo lounge for some different food and drinks. I think I can talk for all of us that it was really good :)

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