Sheraton Diana Majestic

What a day... A river of bad news has reached me today that completely broke me down. I only got out of bed to have lunch and to force myself to pop down to the gym. Lets say it was a bad Sunday.

Thanks god for good friends that pulls you out when you need it the most. Just to get out and think of something else.

Tonight Anna and I went to Sheraton Diana Majestic for an aperitivo. It is, I guess, the most beautiful bar in Milan. A small oasis of nature hidden in a garden in the heart of Milan. The place is fantastic. The cocktails are good. The people are good looking and fancy dressed. The food though is not much to talk about, but at least you can fill you stomach up with salads, pastas and some hams and stuff if you want to. The price for all this is almost the double than a normal aperitivo in Milan, 14 euros. But I love it anyway. Diana is just a place for me.



Power Yoga with two matcho guys

I went to yoga today at at Audace gym, power yoga.

I warmed up running for 10 minutes and when arriving outside the yoga studio I meet two very big muscle gays in my age. They ask me if I have done the yoga class before and I answer no. One of the guys then informs me very seriously hat they have not tried it either but that they have heard that it is very very hard, the other guy then shows up his arm muscles saying that nothing could be to hard for someone with those muscles. I just smiled.

We enter the yoga studio and we all ends up next to each other in the front row next to the mirror and one of the guys looks at my skinny arms and says arrogantly "good luck to manage to do this class with those arms"...

The class starts, and I must say the teacher was very good and the whole yoga session was great. I struggled with a couple of poses but it was nothing in comparing to my muscles friends... they got cramp maybe 4 or 5 times each during the class. Was struggling holding every single pose more than two seconds and felt like two bags of sand down on the yoga mat when we were supposed to keep the balance for few seconds. They looked like to ridicules clowns and I even told them that after the class but embarrassed they just answered that yoga is only for nerds and they left.

The trough is that in yoga you use many many more muscles than when pumping only few big muscle groups like normal pumping guys does. Even holding a simple warrior pose was tricky for them even if they have legs only made of muscles.

Yoga is for heros, pumping is for nerds was my answer!



Great Friday with Danii

It was long time ago I met up with my sweet friend and ex colleague Danii and it was just lovely to meet up with her again tonight. We met up already around 6pm and went for a long aperitivo/dinner at "our" place Ciu´s bar for lots of food, fruit and talking.

Afterwards we went for a long walk...
Below piazza San Babila with the Duomo in the bottom of the pic.

Cool windows at the Dolce & Gabbana store

Then we ended up at one of the highlights of the evening. A concert of a normal guy with a great voice singing Italian classics on the street close to Duomo. Lots of people was standing, sitting or even dancing around him. Such nice moments. 

A church

Good night to a great Friday.



Busy getting stronger

I haven't been training very well this week. Actually the only training sessions I have done is dancing on Monday evening and tonight I went to the hard body pump class at the Audace gym.

I only have one week left at the Audace gym but I must say their fitness and training classes are really good.

Tonight's body pump class was really heavy. The instructor seemed upset for something and made us pump it until we almost felt though the floor. I wonder if I will be able to even lift my arms up tomorrow?

For the rest I just had a crap day but I hope to morrow will be better!

Good night sweeties



Bar Bianco with Anna

Today after work I met up with Anna for an aperitivo at Bar Bianco.

Bar Bianco is a bar in the heart of the big park Sempione in central Milan. The location is great. Too bad that both the cocktails they do and the aperitivo buffets are crap. But like I said, the location is great and even if I get kind of allergic I just loved to sit in the middle of the nature, sipping at a cocktail and talking to good friend.
Afterwards, as we didn't eat much at Bar Bianco we went to Anna's place for a delicious tuna sallad and to see her two cats performing in the funniest cat show I ever seen :-)



Funniest hair dresser experience I ever had

Today I only worled like half day as I had some comissions to do... one of them were going to the hair dresser.
It was a groupon offer; cut, satusch, ceratina hair masque and styling.

Arriving there we were two girls booked on the same time but only one hair dresser.  He sat us next to eachother and fixed us more and less at the same time. He started off doing what you see on the first pic and the other girl and I just exploded in laughs. The hair dresser did what he wanted and dis not listen to us at all. We just laughed.

I got affraid for a while but believe it or not we both ended up happy with our hair.

Scary but funny story with a good end :-)



I miss you Kokkari beach hotel

I am back in Milan and on my way home from office.  I was happy going back to work but now I miss our hotel in Samos,  Kokkari beach hotel.

We just opened the door,  took three steps and we were on the beach. In the evening we fell asleep hearing the waves. Looking out of the Window it was as beautiful as watching a painting. We had a lovely buffet breakfast just next to the pool. Relaxed in the shadow in the hotel garden in the afternoon. Had a drink watching the sunset on our terrace. Should I go on or did you get how great our hotel choise was? If you ever go to Samos go to Kokkari beach hotel!

Now I am so tired and I don't really know what to do tonight. Friends, dance course or just creep up in bed straight away?



The amazing Greek-Swedish wedding

Quick pics from yesterday's fantastic wedding.  I will write more about it when back in Milan but for now I can say this was one of the nicest things I have done in my whole life.

Thanks Anna and Dimii for everything!



Annah and Dimitris big fat Greek wedding

Dimii and Annah yesterday at the club <3 i="">

Dimii and Annah met through my ex-colleague Erkan and myself on our company Christmas party in London many years ago. We brought along Annah to the party and she fell in love with our other colleague Dimitris. They are such a sweet couple!

Today they will be getting married here at the Greek island Samos and I am so exited to be part of the big wedding... :-)


Pre-wedding party in Samos Town

Maggie, me and Laura watching the beautiful sunset
 Marika, Maggie and Laura
 Sunset Samos town
 Annah the bride in the middle, her dad on her right and Laura on the left
 Me and Marie (Annahs sister)
 One of the dinner tables
 At the club down the sea - The bride and her sister
Me and Maggie

Yesterday was the only day/night we went out in Samos town, the capital of the island. We live in Kokkari, and like it here as it is much prettier, but it was nice to see something else for a night.

Laura, I and the two Norwegian girls went quite early, had a walk, a drink and did some shopping before we met up with the wedding gang. We were maybe around 30 people having Greek meze dinner all together eating whatever the chets were serving us. Delicious and fun. 

After the dinner we went to a little bar area just down the sea, 4 absolutely beautiful bars/clubs in a row. We ended up in one them, had cocktails and danced a lot. Really great evening evening!

Today or actually tonight it is time for the big Greek wedding and I am so exited.



Sunsets in Samos

Every evening surprises me with a new spetacullary sunset. One more beautiful than the one before.

Unfortunately the camera does not catch up all the beautiness but below you see some pics anyway. The ones of me are taken with instagram but the bigger ones just with the normal camera witout any modification.


Very relaxing holiday

The holiday goes on far to fast, time just flies. We are relaxing a lot. Sun bathing, swimming, reading and eating lots of nice greek food.

Dimii is continuing to give us great sightseeing of his island and yesterday he took us to a very nice white sandu beach on the other side of the island.

We have got to know two very sweet Norwegian sisters (also wedding guests) and yesterday Laura and I had dinner and drinka out with them.

Now I am off to the beach


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