Me, Stefii and lots of mosquitos at Just Cavalli

A spriz and a mojito
 Lovely Stefii
 Dinner and drinks
 Just cavalli
 The tower of Just Cavalli

Just got home from Just Cavalli. It ended up being a quite short night and the reason for that is the mosquitos. You people not living in Milan can not even image how much mosquitos there are around the parks in the city this year. I am lucky that the mosquitos doesn't really like me. Stefii is not equally lucky... Lets say I got 2 mosquito bites tonight while she got between 15-20....

Well in between the wars with the mosquitos we enjoyed an aperitivo, some food and I told her about my exiting Gallipoli holiday.

Now I just gonna have a shower and then go to bed. Tomorrow is a very BIG day.


24 hours in Brindisi

 Hello Brindisi :-)
 Old castle 
 Very old church
 Inside the very old church
 Duomo of Brindisi
 Boat Rally warming up

 Swedish boat in the air
 Evening walk

 Boat rally competition
 The winner - SWEDEN! :-)
 ..and a last pasta allo scoglio before leaving the south Italy

 Watched part of a live musical in piazza
 Good morning Brindisi

 Before getting on the plane...

As a last small part of the holiday Cecilia and I went to Brindisi. We had the plane from Brindisi ariport in the morning so we thought it could be nice to have a day there before leaving even if most people had told me it was a terrible town.

It wasn´t a terrible town at all. It was clean, nice and friendly.

Immediately when arriving at the hotel in Brindisi we met a group of Swedish young guys that told us they were there for big boat races and told us the times to watch it.

We did a couple of hours turist tour around the town before we went down to the sea to see the guys warming up with their quick little boats and then to win over Italy in the competition. It was fun.

After the race we had a lovely sea food dinner and then we sat down at a big square watching a live musical.

Must say our stay in Brindisi was far over expected.



Paradise Gallipoli - Part 3

Another beautiful day at Baia Verde
 And more fruit plates :-)

 ...and another fantastic after beach party at Samsara

Don't know who that is.... 

 Tired girls after 10 hours at the beach... 11am - 9pm

 Night out in Gallipoli old town with Cicci, Alessio and Patrick

 Note the bracelets :-)

...and guess what, another day at Baia Verde... last day though :-(

 Last after beach party at Samsara... which is what I gonna miss the most.

 Girls having real fun!

 Matteo and I posing in the sunset
 Clubbing night out at Zen beach - we like dancing barefoot on the sand :)

Last hour before leaving the paradise...

 On the train to Brindisi

I almost get sad watching the pictures, that is how much I miss being in Gallipoli.

I can recommend it as a holiday for everyone!

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