A non important disappointment...

Thursday and time for my favorite zumba dance class at Sats Medborgarplatsen with the great dance instructor Norberto. I was looking forward to it. I even rejected the invite to join Andreas for triggerpoint in town. A big no as zumba with Norberto is one of my weekly favorites. 

So you can image the disappointment arriving there and a girl in entering the class saying Norberto won't be there and she will take his class instead. I smiled and joined the whole class anyway but got a bit moody. 

Instead, one third of the class left. All those girls attending every week knowing the choreographies perfectly well, in other words the best zumba ballerinas in the room, left without saying a word. I felt so sorry for the unknown instructor that didn't even manage to start the class before people just left the room. And it didn't get better when people dropped off throughout the whole zumba class. Ok, she wasn't good. She hardly knew her own zumba routine and got lost a little bit too many times but in respect for her I didn't leave. 

Now to a little more funny thing. Look at the commercial below. It is one of the fast food super markets chains in Sweden that has gone out with a new year resolution to never again make commercials for unhealthy food/snacks. Interesting isn't it? And for sure it is a really good 

I don't belong to those people putting the responsibility on the society (or the stores) if people eat wrong things. I am one of those girls that true feminists hate as I believe that models are allowed to be skinny/fit (obviously not anorexic) and I can't really bother to care if Victoria Secret marketing campaigns are being blamed to be to sexy as I will buy their underwear anyway. For the same reason I don't care if the supermarkets are having commercials for crips or candy as it doesn't make me buy more of it anyway. 

However, I would like to give credits to Pressbyrån and their initiative to make 2014 a healthy year! 


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