Cozy evening in Huvudsta

Completely empty subway station on my way home... 

Huvudsta is a suburb north west of Stockholm city, more and less on the opposite side of the city from where I live. My dear friend Zarah just bought a beautiful flat in the area and tonight was the first time I went to see her it. We had dinner, ice cream and sat down talking for hours while drinking tea, just like we always do :-)

Huvudsta for me brings back lots of memories from my childhood as I spent very much time at the riding club in the area, Huvudsta ridklubb. I get warm just thinking about it. It was my favorite day of the week when I went there and I could spend the whole day not only riding but cleaning the ponies, help out at lessons and watching my friends riding. Dollar, Skelton, Zara, Perry, Joe are just some of the ponies who still fills me with love when I think about them. 
In some kind of way I have to start riding again this year. It is something I have been missing for so long so I just have to get back in the saddle as soon as possible, it is one of my 10 new years resolutions. 


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