Crossfit with Johanna

I guess that my blog this week will look like a proper fitness blog and that is because Johanna and I have decided to make this an intensive training week. 
Johanna is trying on a one free week at SATS so we will simply try to make the most out of it.

Sunday we did Sats energy which was mostly a cardio class so yesterday we did the opposite and join my personal trainer Andreas for his crossfit class. 

Crossfit is an highly intensive straights circle training program which for sure gives great results. Andreas will hold this class every Monday and I have promised I will try to attend at least once or twice a month which will be a real challenge. 



  1. You look really fit. Well done.

  2. u look great, i m impressed

  3. more fitness posts please ! :) love it.. ive recently gone back to the gym again! do you have instagram? xx lr du pratar svenska va haha?? glomde sorry.


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