Dinner with my bff Erika

In life we have different kinds of friends. We have close friends that know everything about us. Friends we go out partying with. Friends we might share specific interests with. Friends we just meet and talk to rarely but when you actually see them it feels like it was yesterday you saw them last time. And there are friends, maybe less close, that you meet just once in a while to have a good chat. 

Erika for me has gone through all these stages of friendship. We have been those inseparable best girl friends at lower school. Then we ended up in different classes for few years and just met once in a while. Then at high school we got back in the same collage/class and became inseparable again. Party friends, training mates and she was the one that knew every step I took. Few years later once again we mostly met to go horse riding together. 

During my years abroad we have always kept in touch and every time I got home to Stockholm Erika was that adorable and annoying friend that did all she could to spend as much time as possible with me those very few days I stayed in town. It might have stressed me at times but at the same time I just adored her effort to spend time with... little me! That is true friendship.

We are two completely different kinds of persons but in common we got that we have strong opinions, we love to talk and discuss and we both have the courage to be able to say what we actually think about things (something we both hate when other people don't do...).

At the moment we are at completely different stages in life but I think and hope that won't change anything in our friendship!


(Ps. bff stands for best friend forever ;)

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