First time at Crossfit

My personal trainer Andreas has been trying to convince me for quite a while to start training crossfit. He, and most of the personal trainers, are very critical against the body pumping classes as they state that is far to easy to fail the pumping movements due to the quick pace. 

Finally yesterday he managed to convince me to come and join one of the crossfit classes he held at SATS Odenplan. It was a "only" 45 minutes class which was more than enough for me. I learned that the crossfit is an extremely high intensive circle training class and that most people that attends are very very fit. I thought I would die while I was training but anyway I managed quite well throughout the whole class, and then when leaving the gym I got that satisfaction feeling I used to get after the horrible bikram yoga classes in Milan this spring. 

Believe it or not, I will be doing it again.
Say hi to the newly born crossfit girl people :-)


1 comment:

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