First time at my new choir

The other day I started my new dancing class which was one of my new year resolutions. Today I had my first "lesion" at the choir I will join which was another of my new year resolutions. 

I used to sing in a church choir when I was younger and I used to love it, but then other more "important" things filled my time so I quit. 
Then, when I lived in Ireland, my friend Matteo and I joined a gospel choir which was very interesting and fun as well but that was only for a three months period, since I haven't been singing at all expect from at home. I sing out loud daily at home ;) 

The choir I have joined this time is a pop and rock choir lead my the singer Caroline af Ugglas. Today it was mostly a vocal therapy lesson but we did sang the adorable song "Imagine".  
Caroline af Ugglas seems to be such a energetic, positive and funny person and I am really looking forward to be singing for her this whole semester!

The pictures above has nothing to do with the choir... They were taken today when I had dinner with Tobii at Texas Longhorn at Skånegatan. We both had massive and really yammy burgers which was well needed after my hour of "Shape" at Sats.  



  1. Tell me something you don't do? U got more interests in your life than I have socks in my closet...

  2. Haha, something wrong with that? I like variety in life and I love to learn new things and to bring on new challenges... :-)

  3. awe-inspiring tough


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