Hello winter!

As October, November and December passed by without any snow and with temperatures far above the normal I began to believe that we wouldn't get any real winter this year. Or maybe I wished for it. I was wrong, obviously.

It started snowing last Saturday and I was happy like a kid when walking around in the winter wonderland. It felt magic.

One week later it doesn't feel that magic anymore as I already had enough of the cold weather. I still like seeing the glowing white snow in the parks but I don't have a proper winter jacket and I suffer from the dropping temperatures. And I believe I am not alone as Stockholm suddenly feels empty. 

Yesterday I went out shopping and I had the stores all for myself, there were no-one around. And when talking with my friends most of them planned to stay in watching movies in the evening, and I did as well. Last night I went to a friends place at Östermalm, had a hot indian dinner and watched the movie Elysium. Quite cool movie actually. 


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