Hot Mojo yoga

My loading kit before the Hot mojo class

Today was the last training session in our what Johanna and I called "our intensive training week" and to end it all in a hard, cool and hot way we decided to attend an hour of Sats Hot Mojo

Hot Mojo is a kind of Birkam yoga (yoga in a 38 degrees warm room) even if can say it is slightly different than "real" bikram. First of all it is only 55 minutes long while Birkam is always 90 minutes. Then I must say the exercises are a bit easier at hot mojo than they are at the regular birkam yoga session. However, hot mojo is one hour of yoga in a 38 degrees room and was challenging enough for both Johanna and myself. 

And... thinking about it, I can admit I actually prefer Hot mojo instead of Birkam, it is a little bit more on my own level as I keep fainting almost every time I attend Birkam.  


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  1. Vita coco and other coconut waters are great at bikram. You are so energetic and inspiring, keep on going


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