Lunch at Missisippi Inn

This morning I jumped up from the bed like a kid on Christmas eve when I realized it had been snowing during the night and it was all white outside my window. I had breakfast and got dressed quite quickly and then I took my camera with me for a very long walk down the sea where I live... The only problem was that I didn't really know how to get down to the sea, it is like a 10 minutes walk though a little wood(?) and to be honest I didn't find the right way today either. Instead I walked in this little wood/park for quite long and when I finally got down to the water (an hour later) I realized when looking at the location on the other side of the water that I had gone very far, and I just went on. In total I walked over two hours until Tobi called me to ask if I wanted to join him and Zuz for lunch and I did.

We went to Mississipi Inn in Sofo for a really nice burger.


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  1. Hermosas chicas:)))))))))


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