Making SATS-energy training video

Yesterday Johanna and I started our "intensive training week" together at Sats Hötorget. For seven days we will try out different fitness classes together every day. 

So, to start it off we choose SATS energy with Ari. I have never tried SATS energy before but learned it was a highly intensive and tough cardio training involving simple moves in fast pace. What we didn't know when we entered the class was that we would be part of a training video. The class that was supposed to be 55 minutes ended up taking the double time as we had to take some bit and pieces over again. When the camera man in the middle of one of the last songs for the fifth time stopped us complaining about something and said we had to do it once again I wanted to kick his head off though... But the whole experience of making a training video was actually quite fun and inspiring to give it all as I don't know how many people who's gonna watch me jumping around... 

I can admit both Johanna and I were extremely tired when getting out of the gym though, and I was very happy that my friend invited me for delicious pulled-pork-dinner at his place so I didn't have to cook myself ;)


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