My first Zumba marathon

I am back home after an amazing zumba marathon. It was the first time I did a zumba marathon but it was great fun and very inspiring. 

A couple of times in Milan I got invites and attended masterclasses in Zumba which is just an extended zumba class, normally 90-120 minutes long. What was particularly fun with those were the people that attended which was a crowd of fit zumba loving girls which made the whole zumba class like a big party. 

A zumba marathon is something even better than that. It is also an extra long zumba class but the different is that there is two or more zumba instructors leading the group. As it is still a very long work out session it is a group of fit and dancing loving people joining in, to manage... 

So today I attended my first zumba marathon at Sats Hornstull. It was lead by my favorite zumba instructor Norberto Lacourt (that I have mentioned few times before) and Niloo Lopez, another popular instructor at Sats. The two of them danced us through 90 minutes of zumba party. I had such fun that I even forgot how tired I was. I only realized how sore my legs were when I walked home from the gym. That is what I call great training!


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