New week

The weekend just rushed by over-filled with friends, some training and a Sunday dinner at dad's. 

I spend Saturday evening at Zarah's with her, her boyfriend and an old friend from university that I hadn't seen in maybe 6 years. It was one of those "feeling-good" evening. We did more and less nothing... Drank lots of tea, ate ice cream and chatted but I left feeling very good and serene. 

On Sunday morning I went for what I thought would be a quick fika with my Greek friend Ioannis but it ended up being a very long lunch with him, Sandra and maybe 8 of his International friends from different part of the world. I realized that Ioannis is just as social as I am, the more the merrier, so it is just obvious everyone should be welcome to join when we organize something. 

In the afternoon I went for my second lesson of street dance. Sigh. I still feel crap. I don't have the right flow in my dancing style so I really have to practice, it's just that I don't think Stockholm has got any hiphop clubs where? 

The picture above is from a dinner at dad's place on Sunday evening. 



  1. Girllll, I'm no good at that dancing yet either! haha But I like your sweater! ;) I'm following your blog now! ♥

  2. You eat a lot

  3. everything ok with u?

  4. Hi honey. I hope everything is fine with you? Hope to get you back on the blog soon again.
    Best wishes


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