ViPR training and dinner at Caliente city

Our training week goes on... Yesterday we tried ViPR which is a new kind of group exercise class  at SATS which uses the training tool called ViPR - a hollow cylinder with many different grip options. ViPR's multifunctional properties make it a training tool that provides fitness, strength, balance, agility and mobility in a challenging combination. 

After just 10 minutes Johanna turned around and looked at me looking kind of painful and says "this is far over my level" and I must say I felt the same. Lifting and swinging around that ViPE thingy was far much harder than anyone could ever imagine. You reach using smaller muscles that normal people never uses and it was very tricky techniques to get as well. However, we manage to do the whole one hour of training class and was quite proud of ourselves when we got out. Don't think I will ever do it again though...

After the class we went for dinner at Caliente city. Caliente is my favorite tapas restaurant at ST Eriksplan so I was happy to try out their city restaurant. The food was equally good as at my favorite place but the place itself was slightly less cosy and much less crowded. 


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