Yoga and dinner with a friend

I normally like going to my yoga classes alone. I already find it hard to concentrate and relax as much as I would like to during the yoga class due to the hard exercises/yoga poses. If I then have a friend by my side it is even harder to get the meditation out of the yoga as you obviously keep an eye of the other person. Instead, a positive affect of going for yoga with a friend could be that you trigger each other deeper down in the poses which could get better training results. 

Well, today a friend joined me to my usual yoga wednesday yoga class. It was the first class of the year and I found it easier than normal, more stretching poses and less strength. It was the first time my friend tried yoga so he found it quite hard instead. 

I think it is time that I take my yoga to the next level. Either I should attend the power yoga classes or find the courage to try aschtanga yoga...

After the yoga training we enjoyed a nice and healthy chicken salad and now I have decided to spend the rest of the day with a good book. 


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