Yes, we used to live abroad...

Tobi and Zuz's place. I felt in love with their kitchen lamp. 

Swedish people are famous world wide for being a very kind, educated and organized population. Equally we are known for our lack of flexibility and spontaneously and I can actually agree with all these things. 

Everything is about planning!

People (me included) have our agendas full for at least the next coming 7-14 days. If you wanna see a friend or invite someone for dinner you need to plan it days and sometimes even over a week before.

I used to be like that before I moved abroad. Then for nine years abroad I suddenly became much more spontaneous and could plan my evenings the day before or even the same day. Now, back in Sweden and adopting to Swedish life, once again I have become that planning freak. 

Yesterday my only plans were go shopping a warm winter jacket and then meet Cicci in the evening. I didn't find the winter jacket I wanted and Cicci didn't feel well so we cancelled our evening. So even in Sweden, plans don't always work out...

On my way home I meet Tobi, my friend from university that also used to be my best friend while living in London. We talked for few minutes and then it was decided I was invaded for dinner at his and his girlfriend's place. Tobi is one of the few Swedish people I know that doesn't like planning so spontaneity is one of his greatest straights, just like most people in our adorable London. 

After dinner, Tobi, Zuzana and I sat down watching the "Allsång på skansen" program on TV. A entertaining summer show with lots Swedish celebrities. Once again I realized I am not a "normal" Swede as I didn't know a single of those very famous (?) Swedish singers and actors. I might not be very interested in celebrity gossip but more than that, I have been away for far to long to know the new Swedish TV stars. I should start watch TV much more, it is just that I find it so boring... 


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  1. ohyea, it is funny u mention that as it is exactly the idea of swedes we got. but u know, everyone can change


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