A really good training week!

This week has been the last week of "freedom" for some time and therefor I made sure to make it a really good training week at the gym. For me a good training week consists of varied training containing both cardio, weights and mobility. 

Monday: Crosstfit! Intensive and hard muscle training.
Tuesday: Sats Energy, which is a cardio class focusing on endurance and constant movement.
Wednesday: Yoga - straights and mobility
Thurday: My last hiphop zumba class with Norberto at Medborgarplatsen. I will miss it. Very much.

Today, Friday: Body pump followed by triggerpoint. Body pump as you can hear from the name muscle training. Triggerpoint is the kind of self massage and very painful class I attended once and then promised myself never to do again. I happen keep hearing and reading how good and important triggerpoint training is for people exercising a lot so I have to squeeze it in my training schedule more often. The only thing is that it hurts so much.

Tomorrow Saturday is my day off from the gym and on Sunday I have my street dance
That is what I call a very good week at the gym! :-)

Today my Italian friend Matteo arrived to Stockholm and he will be staying with me the whole weekend so I guess it's gonna be a tourist weekend. First thing we did when he arrived this afternoon was to go for a "fika" at Starbucks having a chai latte and American pancakes. Welcome to Stockholm!


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