A weekend in Åre with Cicci and the Dutch gang

Åre! Åre! Åre! 
It used to be my favorite holiday destination in the late 90's and few years on but then I broke my knee in a ski accident (in Åre) and after that I didn't go back. Not until now. Actually I haven't been overly interested in skiing at all since that accident and I didn't expect to like it this time either, but I was wrong. I just loved it. Cicci had to drag be out of the slopes as I didn't wanna stop skiing. It's such a wonderful feeling flying down the slopes.... To bad it is kind of a complicated and expensive hobby that needs lots of planning before getting away anywhere. But I hope to be able to plan one more skiing trip this year!

However, to make a long story short I have been up in Åre for the weekend. Cicci, Antal and I left on Thursday evening and took the night train up and arrived in Åre at 08 in the morning. Might sound horrible but it was actually a quite comfortable trip. We kind of went straight out skiing. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed every second of it. In the afternoon Cicci and I went to the afterski and had such a fun time. People goes crazy at the after ski's, suddenly the shy Swedes becomes a bunch of screaming rock stars. In the evening we just went out for dinner with the gang we lived with. Oh yea, forgot to say we shared a cottage with Antals four friends from the Netherlands, all guys. 

Saturday was a less good day out on the slopes. It was very windy, actually they called it stormy so many of the arial lifts were closed. In the afternoon it started snowing heavily as well and we were almost alone out on the slopes. So sad that one of two days of skiing almost got destroyed. No, I really have to make sure to go skiing at least once more in 2013!


On the 14 hours night train up to Åre - Cicci, Antal and lots of snacks
 Me in my train bed 
 08.00 - Good morning Åre!
 Straight out on the slopes

 Beautiful day!

 Lunch with the whole gang at Fjällgården
 The gang on the top of the mountain
 Super duper fun afterski party at Fjällgården

 Dinner out with the gang
 View from our house

 Stormy day...
 Cicci in action
 Well needed lunch
 Snow storm
 Tired people...

 Not too much people out in the snow storm...
 The guys were kicked out while the girls were watching the euro vision

 Went dancing at the club Bygget but for some reason we forgot to take photos... Here we are, the whole gang, back home tired and happy :-)

 Last breakfast with the gang

Wonderful trip and now I just wanna go skiing as soon as possible again.


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