Brunch at String and the view from Gondolen

February might not be the best time of the year to visit Stockholm. A week ago we had -3 degrees and the whole city was full of snow and all white. Very beautiful and cosy. Then suddenly it got warmer and the snow disappeared. Today we had 5 degrees and just gray weather. 

We had a great start of the day anyway as Johanna, Matteo, Arancha an I went to Cafe String for my favorite breakfast/brunch in town. We ate until we felt like exploding then we took a walk down to Gondolen to have a good view over the gray Stockholm.

On the first picture you see Johanna and Matteo showing an egg. A (normal?) white egg. Matteo states that in Italy all eggs are brown/pink and he was very impressed about the clear white eggs we got at the brunch this morning. It is one of those things that I would never think about as in Sweden we got both brown and white eggs but maybe in Italy they only have the brown eggs then...? Quite funny discussion :-)


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