Cozy zombie Sat and a hectic Sun

Brunch with Cicci, Laura, Zuzana and Tobi at String
Soon I am about to say thank you and good night to this weekend. Suddenly the weekends just flies by and I feel that I don't even have time to take a deep breath and relax.

I guess that my mistake is that my weekends are too full of plans which means I just rush from one spot to another without having a true possibility to do what I actually need to do or want to do in that particular moment. I really try to keep my Saturdays and Sundays out of plans but in some kind of way they fills up with things anyway. 

The only two plans I had today was to meet up with some friends for brunch this morning and then attend my street dance class in the afternoon. On between I was looking forward to do some washing, cleaning and just relaxing at home. It didn't really turned out to be like that. As the weather was fantastic (blu sky, sunny and 8 degrees counts as being a fantastic weather a february day in Stockholm) I decided to take a long walk in the woods in my area after the brunch and Cicci and Laura decided to join. Then Laura and I went for a tea. Then I rushed to the dance class. Then I got home, had a shower and once again rushed out for a drink with a friend. And now, at 10pm I am finally at home but it is almost time to go to bed already. Sunday is gone. But I shouldn't complain. Even if I would have preferred to have few hours of doing nothing I have had a really good day.

Dessert time in cosy Skogås. 
Also yesterday was a quite good day even if it was slightly short. I got out of bed after a1pm in the afternoon, had lunch with Johanna and then went straight out to Skogås for dinner at Lisa and her boyfriend's place. At midnight I was already in bed again. But it was a good day anyway. Especially the evening in Skogås was just what I needed. A really cosy and relaxing night in.

With that I say good night to this fairly short weekend and I welcome a new challenging week at work and fun plans for the evenings. 

Buona notte!


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  1. sounds to me like a fab weekend. hows ur new job? tell us everything


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