Dog pub night at Brew Dog

In Sweden it is not very common that you bring along your dog to the bars, restaurants or coffee places. Actually there are only few selected places where you are allowed to bring you dog with you, in most places the dog is just banned to get in. It can be seen as quite rude to tell someone to leave the dog outside (or at home) but it all a respect of allergic people. It is a shame as this omits dog owners to be able to join friends for dinners or lunches out. 

In Italy it is kind of the opposite, you are allowed to bring along your dog to most bars, restaurants and shops and I can say I prefer it that way, even if I am one of dog allergic people… 

Yesterday the Brittish pub Brew Dog (that quite recently opened up a pub at Kungsholmen in Stockholm) held a dog event together with the group "Hundvänliga Stockholm" where everyone that popped by for a after work beer could bring along their dogs. Let’s say the event was a big success as so many people showed up with their dogs in all shapes and sizes. People (and dogs maybe) mingled around and talked about dog-kindergardens in town, the most healthy dog food on the market, the best dog schools ecc. My mum, Stella and I joined for one and an half hour before I had to rush away to my training. It was a fun and different event. 


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