Fabulous Fit Thursday

Lets say I have had a good Thursday when it comes to exercising. Well, I have had a good day in general actually but I am mostly proud of my training results. 

At lunch I went with my new colleague Jaqueline for a boxing session. I haven't been boxing since I was in London so that was an experience. I felt my arms and shoulders aching the whole afternoon every time I had to lift anything as light as a piece of paper. The SEB kort office has a own gym that every day offers different kinds of workout classes for free for all employees. It was fun but nothing special. Most of all I went as I want to get to know my new sweet colleagues. 

Then after work it was time for some more exercising. I met up with Lisa, that finally have got herself a SATS membership and together we attended a "shape" class at Zenit. It is a highly intensive group training class and already within the first half of the class I could feel my arms on strike but in some kind of way I managed to give my all until the end.

There are many Swedes actually that exercise twice a day. Many people goes to he gym at 06.30 in the morning to manage to do an hour of training before heading to work. They say its the best way to start of the day. I don't believe so. Others loves to get out of the office for lunch training just to fresh up the brain for a while. I can get that  Then, most people seems to train almost every evening. You Italians might think, oh my god, they are crazy, and that is what I thought as well when I moved here but suddenly I am one of those crazy people.

However, I won't start exercising twice a day. It is too much for my little body. I might use the lunch training those days I am not able to to to the gym in the evening but that's it.


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