Hosteria Tre Santi

I have finally found a really good Italian restaurant, Hosteria Tre Santi at Söder in Stockholm. 

The few Italian restaurants I have tried since I moved back to Stockholm has all been nice but absolutely nothing special and not worth its price. But tonight I really enjoyed my visit at Tre Santi. The staff was Italian (which normally is not the case at the Italian places here in Stockholm) and they only spoke Italian to us. The food was really nice and the place itself was both elegant and cozy. And so, I have a new number one on my Italian restaurant list :-)

The rest of my Sunday has been kind of lazy. I stayed in bed late this reading the news and drinking maybe 5 cups of hot tea. Then I managed to drag myself up and into the centre to go shopping some more things I need for my upcoming ski trip, for example a helmet. 

Then in the afternoon it was time for my street dance. I like it but anyway I feel I have to drag myself there each time. It is fun but I am not sure if its really my "thing". When I go body pumping, for my zumba or yoga I kind of fly away to the gym. I like it so much I just can't wait for the class to start but that is not really the case with the street dance. This was my third time and I have promised myself to give it six lesions before I decide if going on with it or not. Three more times to go then... ;-)



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