Ireland reunion at restaurant Bara Enkelt

Exactly 9.5 years ago I went for my first international Erasmus exchange semester in Limerick in Ireland. It might have been some of the best months in my life. I learned a lot but more important was that I met amazing people that I hanged out with every single day during those six months. 

 Johanna and Matteo are two of those amazing people I got to know there that are still my very close friends. As Matteo now is here in Stockholm visiting yesterday I organized a little Ireland reunion and invited Simon and Marie that also studied with us in Limerick. So, the five ex Limerick students and some others of my friends met at the bar/restaurant Bara enkelt at Söder. It was Chris that recommend the place for me the other day and it was actually really good. Great food and good prices on both food and drinks.

Great evening!


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