My first real Swedish JOB CONTRACT signed

So now I can tell you... My past three weeks has been extremely hectic and stressful thanks to my busy job search schedule. 

I have had over 20 interviews. I have met 9 companies. I got 2 rejections and 7 job offers
It is absolutely insane! 
After have been living in Italy for 3,5 years where the job market is next to dead I was chocked over the massive response I got here in Stockholm when I started to apply for jobs. 

One of the rejections I got was my absolute dream job. I reached the forth and final interview and passed their big accounting test. In the end they choose between an auditor and myself and they choose her. It really broke me down. 

However, the same day (last Friday) I got another job offer for a big media company in town that I accepted. But then this Monday two more offers popped up and in the end I choose one of them. 

I gonna work as an accountant consultant for Amendo finance and my first long term assignment will be at the second biggest bank group in Sweden, SEB (Skandinaviska enskilda banken) in their payments and accounting department. 

I don't have any previous bank experience and I am very exited taking on this challenge! :-D


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