Vapiano with Anna

Vapiano is an Italian restaurant chain spread out all over Europe which has gain quite huge success during the last five years. It is simple, has quite good prices and the food it ok. Italians would rather cut their throat than calling the place “an Italian restaurant” but all other Europeans seems to love it. 

I do appreciate their slogan “chi va piano, va sano e va lontano” which in this case should be understood as “Who´s having an relaxed and easy-going approach will be more healthy and live longer”. I believe the same! But you better be relaxed if having dinner at Vapiano as you have to stand in a very slow queue to be able to order your food as the poor chef as to cook it in front of every single customer. I believe the quality is quite low but it is an ok place for a quick dinner with a food anyway. 

Anna and I ended up at Vapiano Skrapan as the place (Koh Pangang) we were supposed to go to was over packed. At Koh pangang people are not allowed to book a table in advance so when we arrived it was a waiting list over an hour to get a table for two so we gave up and went to Vapiano. 


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