Sleepover weekend

It is Sunday and the weekend is already over, it just flew away and I haven't really done much. But I have relaxed and spent time with good friends and family and for sure I needed that after few days of turbulence. 

On Friday I went to Amanda who's in Sweden a couple of weeks for an extraordinary evening, night and morning together. It was just Amanda, myself and her two kids. Billy is now 2 years old and Lucy 5 months, I can assure you that means hard work and great patience. But these two kids are adorable and I love to play around with them. I stayed over at Amanda's place so at 6am the morning after we got up, got ready and went out for a long walk in the morning sun. 

In the afternoon I went to my mum's to celebrate Bosse's birthday. His birthday was last weekend when I was in Tallinn but as I was away my dad and I decided to celebrate him this weekend instead so we had a nice lunch everyone together. 

In the evening Laura came over to my place and together we cried like two babies while watching the fantastic movie "A walk to remember". 

This morning we had a big breakfast before Laura left and I went to my yoga. Tonight I have been to my first lesion in rope climbing which was very fun and interesting but I will write more about that another time. 

Good night!



The Swedish Waffel day

The waffle day is a tradition celebrated in Sweden on the 25th March each year. I celebrated the day at my mum's eating at least 10 waffles each and they were so good. I haven't eaten waffles in over five years, at least, but I start to wonder why we don't eat it more often. They are delicious. In my taste even better than pancakes which is another favorite. 



Cafe de Paris with Erika

On Sunday I met Erika for a kind of fancy but cosy dinner at Cafe de Paris here in Stockholm. 

On Sundays Cafe the Paris have got BBQ buffet for all guests and the buffet contains all kinds of grilled meat with roasted potatoes, vegetables and salsas. They also had live jazz music. It was actually a really good evening. 



Great weekend in Tallinn

This weekend Cicci and I went for a cruise to Tallin – Estonia. It was such a great experience! The boat departed on late Friday afternoon and we got back to Stockholm midday on Sunday, just a perfect weekend.

Friday evening was spent on the boat. We had dinner, saw a cabaret show, participated in a music quiz, sang karaoke and shaked a bit on the dance floor. We really had a great time!

Singing "Av längtan till dig"
Who could even image I got the courage to sing live on stage? ;-)

Breakfast buffet on the boat. Yam yam!

We arrived to Tallinn at 9am on Saturday evening and we spend the whole day strolling around the old town. Tallinn turned out to be a very cute and cool city, or at least the old town which was quite big. It was all middle ages inspired and people dressed like Robin Hood welcomed us into coffee places, restaurants and churches. Really cool actually.

We had lunch at a fantastic restaurant. It might not have been the cheapest one but it was worth every penny. As you can see from the pics it was like an old castle having candles as the only light. They only served the type of food as they used to ate in Estonia during the middle ages like wild boar, bear, sauerkraut, beans etc. We ordered lots of different dishes just to try as much as possible and left the restaurant feeling like being pregnant after all the food we had eaten. We also managed to do some shopping :-) 

We left Tallinn in sunset, at 6pm so we had 9 hours to walk around which was just perfect. Tired like crazy we relaxed a bit before we got ready for another fun night at the boat.

On the way back we participated in the music quiz again, this time it was a Eurovision quiz where we were supposed to guess from what country the song the entertainer guy sang came from, and what year it participated in the Eurovison song contest. I guessed widely but ended up to win the competition, don’t ask me how. I think I was most chocked of all when the guy held up my paper as the winner of the competition and welcomed me onto the stage to get my price. I won a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolate and another cruise ticket to be used within the next three months. So I guess I gonna plan another cruise in the near future.

The winning paper

Singing "La Dolce Vita"
Singing "Sånt är livet"

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