Avicii live at Tele2 arena

Few years ago I didn't even know Avicii was Swedish. On Friday I was one of maybe 50 000 proud Swedish young people welcoming Avicii to his home town for a spectacular concert. 

Which risk to sound old and not very into the new electronic music trend I must admit that for me these kind of concerts are quite strange. The 24 year old Avicii turned up on the stage without saying a word, turned on "hey brother" and went on mixing his own music with other popular dance music tunes for two hours. He did actually say "thank you Stockholm, you have been fantastic tonight" before he left but that was all. During these two hours he was standing alone on the stage mixing music with one hand and waving the other hand hysterically in the air. 

He might be a music genius being able to mix tunes that no-one else (read it in the news paper) are able to but theoretically he could just have played a pre recorded cd and no-one would had noticed. The music was great. The light show was very cool. The atmosphere inside the arena was indescribable. Well everything was pretty fascinating. But I must admit that I kind of missed a true performance. Maybe I should add that we had seats and were not among the crazy crowd on the so-called "dance floor" and that obviously made a big difference. 

Anyway, it was an unforgettable show and now I can't wait for the summer burst festival.



  1. I would do almost anything to see and listed to avicii live :))))

  2. He is on a European tour right now so he might come somewhere close to where you live? :-)

  3. Halva Stockholm verkar ha varit där

  4. Halva Stockholm verkar ha varit där

  5. so cool being part of one of this shows, he is a legend.


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