Celebrating Laura at Cliff Barns

(All pics are from Bara Enkelt)

Happy birthday Laura! 

The other day it was my sweet friend Laura’s birthday and on Saturday it was time to celebrate it. We went for dinner at “Bara Enkelt”, a bar/restaurant that is becoming a favorite in town. So why a favorite? Well, the location, the prices, food, the place itself and the crowd is simply really good. Not great but a good mix that suites most people independent of their styles and tastes. 

The newcomer of the evening was Cliff Barns, a kind of a dancing bar in Vasastan. I have been there, maybe 10-15 years ago (yes it is a very old place) and the place still looks the same. I don’t really know what so say about the place. The music was great, people happily dancing and the entrance was free which normally would be a successful receipt for me, but I didn’t like it anyway. I didn’t appreciate the sort of people hanging there, it was far too much of a desperate feeling in the air. Then it was too packed. The place is really small but honestly it was far too crowded, we could hardly move from one corner to another. 

So many people have talked about this Cliff Barnes since I moved to Stockholm this autumn and we all wanted to try it. Now I know it is not my kind of place but it is good to know that it exists and what to expect when going there. 


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