First time climbing

It is not really true that the other day was my first time rope climbing but it was the first time in many years.

I went climbing a couple of times with my climbing freak ex boyfriend in 2002. Then I went mountain rope climbing once in Ireland in 2003 too. Both times I kind of liked it but didn't really got hooked about it.

A couple of weeks ago Lisa and I decided to go rope climbing. I am not really sure where the idea came out from but I decided to give it a try. Maybe it could become a new hobby? Then I happened to mention it to some friends and suddenly I realized that most of my friends actually loves climbing and that most of them even have green cards.

On Thursday Lisa, John, Anna and I went climbing at Klättercentret in Telefonplan and I was the the beginner of the group and the only one without green card. I didn't expect to like it. What is is to like? I hurt my hands dragging me up to the top and then I get down again. How simple is that. But I loved it. Like someone said, it is kind of a problem solving challenge to get yourself up to the top using the best techniques. When I turned out to be much better than I (anyone) would ever had thought I would be it all got even funnier and I got a kick to just do it over and over again.

Yes. A new hobby has sneaked into my life and not I gonna plan to get the green card and buy myself good equipment. 


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