My brilliant weekend

My new colleagues and I at Cafe Opera
 My weekend started off at 5pm on Friday afternoon when three of my sweet colleagues and I went to the fancy club Cafe Opera for the "soul train after work". I had heard so much about it but never been there, now I have. It was interesting. It didn't feel we were in Sweden at all. A mix of ages between 20 and 60 years old were dancing and mingling around with complete strangers already at 6 o'clock in the afternoon. I say it didn't feel like Sweden as here in Stockholm the clubs normally neither mixes people of different ages and people wouldn't dance before they get very drunk in the late evening.But now I know that it is different on friday evenings at Cafe Opera. 

Unfortunately I couldn't stay very long as I quite early had to move on to an international event at Collage. It was the group Internations that organized the event and it was actually my first time I attended one of their happenings here in Stockholm but as you might now I used to join frequently Internations in Milan when I lived there. It was Johanna, Arancha, Cicci, Laura and I that went together and it was well organized with people from absolutely all over the world. 

Saturday evening was a bit more relaxed. I met up with a friend for a very good pizza and a pop by the cinema. We saw the movie Her. Even if it won an oscar I didn't expect it to be very good but it was... interesting. Very interesting. I have actually though a lot about if afterwards and I love movies that makes me reflect about things. 

Today Sunday has been just lazy. I went to my yoga class this morning and afterwards I took a long walk (actually I got lost so the walk got very very long) to Enskede ridskola - a riding club like 30 minutes walk (2 subway stops) away from where I live. I sat in the sun watching girls running around with their horses and I even managed to see part of a pony jumping competition. Do I need to say how bloody much I miss riding. I am thinking to sign up... but then, once again, I wonder when I gonna have time for it? 


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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend honey xx


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