Week 10 in pictures

I have been ridiculously bad at blogging this week and I am sorry for that. At the same time I don't believe blogging should be an added stress in my life, it shouldn't be a must do but something I do with pleasure when I have time. And that is the thing, to find time for it. 

However this Marliina-blog has become a ture part of my life so I won't close it but I might just add new blog posts a couple of times a week further on. 

Here below follows some pictures from this week...

Monday, cosy and yammi dinner at Zarah's place. 

Tuesday (called The Fat Tuesday) was all about the Swedish bakeries "Semlor" which by tradition  the Swedes eats one Tuesday a year, normally in the end of February. It is a sweet bun with almond paste and wipped cream. I don't really like it to be honest but I better not say it out loud as everyone seems to love it. 
Anyway my consultant agency nicely sent me 50 "semlor" to share with my colleague at the bank and I had a piece of one. Then the same evening I went for dinner at my mum's that also had mini-semlor so I had another one. Now for sure I won't fancy even seeing semlor for another year. 
Thursday I went crossfitting efter work and straight from there I met up with my dad to try a Swedish restaurant both of us have been talking about for a while, Stekpannan. It actually was as good as we thought it would be. Delicious Swedish food and nice atmosphere. 

On Friday I was invited for dinner and movie evening with Oscar's theme at Anna and Håkan's place. We ate homemade soup, drank real champagne and saw the Oscar winner movie, Dallas Buyers Club. I didn't have high expectations but the movie was actually very good. 

Saturday evening instead was all about the Swedish euro vision final. Sara, myself and Erika had dinner at Erika's place celebrating her birthday, ate Erika's speciality chocolate cake and watched the funny final. Great evening even if the totally wrong song won. As always.

Oh I have forgot to say the spring has arrived also to Stockholm. Or at least the Swedes calls it Spring time. We have got blue sky, 10 degrees and a splendid sun. Even if I don't call 10 degrees for spring temperatures I get equally happy and energetic of having the sun shining without a cloud on the sky. This Sunday morning I had yoga and then lunch with my dad and then in the afternoon I went for a over two hours walk in the Årsta forest and along the sea. So beautiful. 

A quite good week, right? :) 


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