One Republic live in Stockholm

For many people One Republic is a completely unknown music band while some people might at least recognize the song “Apologize” but haven’t heard anything else by them. Let’s say that’s not my case as I really like them a lot since a couple of years back. I think I even mentioned on the blog last year when they were on their European tour I was in Stockholm when they played in Milan, and then I managed to be in Stockholm the day they played in Milan and I was so disappointed. 

That is why I got so happy when I saw they were on tour once again this year. I managed to convince Laura and Cicci to join me and yesterday we went to see them at… Fryshuset. They were supposed to play at “Globen anexet” but the place turned out to be too small and the event was moved to Fryshuset, a (sorry for saying this) terrible stage here in Stockholm. The good thing is that it is walking distance from where I live. 

However, the concert was so great. The Avicii concert the week before (attracting 100 000 people over the weekend) was nothing in compare to this one. Most people wouldn’t agree on that but I really believe so. I had the time of my life at the concert and felt so excited when I walked home afterwards. 


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