Second time climbing

On Thursday it was time for my second time on the climbing wall. 
I was exited and had high expectations this time and I guess that is why I got a bit disappointed when I wasn't as good as I hoped I would be. My arms got tired quickly and once I even had to give up as I couldn't manage to get up the wall. 

I don't have the right technique when I climb. Not at all. I use the fact that I am light, flexible and have got quite strong arms and thanks to that I can get to the top on some of the easier walls. Those three attributes together with a tall body would be the perfect climbing mix but well, I got three of them at least. I just need to understand the techniques to be able to improve. Or actually, I should sign up to the course and in that way get both some theory lessons, climbing exercises with an instructor and most important of all I would get the green card and learn the safety around climbing and to be able to be a belayer. I just need to find time to do it. 


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